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Chess: General Information

Wikipedia: Chess


Chess in Education

Grandmaster Maurice Ashley

Maurice Ashley Champions Maurice AShley

Wikipedia: Maurice Ashley

the Chess Drum: Maurice Ashley

Chess in the Schools

Chess for Success

America's Foundation for Chess

Kasparov Chess Foundation

Karpov International School of Chess

Grandmaster Susan Polgar

Educational Learning Games


Chess Movies/Videos

Wikipedia: Chess Movies

The Queen of Katye -- a short documentary

ESPN: The Queen of Katye

Wikipedia: Knights of the South Bronx

Knights of the South Bronx (YouTube clip)

Wikipedia: Brooklyn Castle

Brooklyn Castle (official trailer)

Wikipedia: Fresh

Wikipedia: Searching for Bobby Fischer


Play Chess Online

Internet Chess Club online community


Chess Organizations

United States Chess Federation

World Chess Federation

Florida Chess Association

Central Florida Chess Club

St. Petersburg Chess Club

Saint Louis Chess Club


Chess News

The Chess Drum

Hiphop Chess Federation

Chess Cafe

Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk

New In Chess

The Week In Chess




Quality Chess Blog

Mig Greengard's Daily Dirt

World Chess Hall of Fame

Chess Games Database Online

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Dan Thomasson's Knight Tours

Dan Thomasson's Knight Tours

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